Singapore is one of the most beautiful places in Asia, as an island, it is surrounded by lovely sites and beautiful towers. Investing in one of Asia’s multicultural community has never been advantageous, the Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River is very good, a land adjoining it land was previously owned by the Singaporean government but was sold to the highest bidder and now it is been developed as a residential and commercial property to be sold and leased to the public. This is a very good project and you will get very good value for money. This is one of the best projects and will give you a very good serene experience.

Fraser Residence most commonly refers to a residential place which is in the heart of the city yet designed with architecture that separates it from the city. The main purpose of such a sanctuary is to provide stay hotels or long-term residency to anybody ranging from travelers to people seeking long-term accommodation in the prime location of a city. This sanctuary becomes heaven when a promenade gets added to the already existing structure, thus making this an ideal place for anyone desiring tranquility in the middle of the city.

Most often a Fraser residence is located in a business hub of a city ideal for the cooperative executive to unhitch themselves from the hustle and bustle and relax at the end of a busy segment.

These properties are either five star or four-star rating providing services to enhance personal well being and alleviate stress ranging from well-equipped spas to gymnasiums and restaurants with professionally prepared cuisines. From wide ranges of facilities and amenities, these places are designed to provide ultimate experience to their customers.

Some of the common features of such a structure include stylish open top, infinity pools, and eco decks. These eco-decks totally or partially use reusable, eco-friendly and recyclable material for their outdoor areas such as outdoor furniture’s, rooftops, gates, fencing etc. These materials are not only eco-friendly but they add extra charm and retro beauty to the existing environment. Spread in approximately 15,000 to 20,000 sq/ft of the area these residences are exclusively inclusive.

Although these massive structures are spread across vast expanses of land area, the proximity of town, shopping malls and everything that is a necessity remain conveniently accessible. These residences do a very good job of providing an undisruptive, tranquilizing experience in the very middle of the city and yet not separate individual completely from the city so that they can get back to their normal lives whenever they wish to do so.

This can also be exciting places for families with kids as these places are filled with amenities especially oriented towards kids like colored games, swimming pool with the corner of low water, mini club and play areas. Rooms equipped with baby bottle warmer, beds with high sides, special bathing bowls for toddlers etc. Restaurants have special facilities for their little guests like high chairs, dining area for kids and food menu for children’s.

The Fraser residence or Fraser Residence promenade is a synonym for beauty, luxury, elegance for the discerning family members, honeymoon seekers or an executive. This place is heaven offering some of the most welcoming experiences in the form of their highly equipped and unmatched amenities and breathtaking architecture and design. Furthermore, the top notch and the unmatched security, that gives 24/7 surveillance round the year, can keep any mind at peace.

Open to foreign investors, there are lots of reasons why FraserResidence Promenade Jiak KimStreet is the best place in Singapore to invest in real estate. It is located in the heart of various other new project development which will enhance the beauty and reason why you want to be part of it. Keep in mind, that you should go and visit the Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River and that will really give you a good time and you will understand the project much better. Here are some other site attractions close to it.

  • It is located on a river valley and on one of the most secured lands in the country
  • It is very close to many commercial areas like the malls and other prestigious amenities
  • It is a designated child-friendly environment with places to school your children and plenty of after-school activities to go on
  • There is also a lot of higher learning facilities close to the property
  • All the construction and engineering work is carried out by top-class technicians; you can rest assured that every detail was properly taken care of.

In conclusion, Fraser Residence Promenade located on Jiak Kim Street has made foreign real estate investment so easy that all documentation and paperwork will be taken care of for you.