Pokemon Go is a popular game invented by John Hanke in 2016; the game is one of the most popular games played by most gamers. Pokemon Go is an interesting game with a lot of unique features which make the game easy and more interesting to play. The game also makes use of Google map which makes it astonishing compared to other types of mobile games. Playing pokemon Go game can simply be described as,“looking for the Pokemon using Pokemon”. The game can be played by two or more players and this feature adds more to the enjoyment of players.

Pokemon Go’s terms.

Though before starting the game there will be a drop-down menu containing how to play the game but not detailed enough and the reason why this article is focusing on how to play the game with ease before that, check out the following useful pokemon Go’s terms.

  • Gym: this feature is not allowed from the first stage to the fourth stage but can be accessed when the player reaches level five. Pokemon Go can be termed mainly by controlling the gym. This gym option is located at the landmarks and point of interest in the game menu. This is the only place where the Pokemon and the player take place; this can also be said to be the battlefield between the player and the Pokemon.
  • Pokestops: while playing the Pokemon game, there will be some items needed for easy movement of the character. These useful items can only be checked out from the blue dotted store icon which is placed around the game map.
  • Factions: this feature is only available for players who have finished playing the game from level one to level four and when reaching level five the player will be asked to join some teams in order to proceed with the game at the Faction. This feature is also responsible for the color the gym will come out.
  • Poke balls: upon seeing the Pokemon after looking for the Pokemon for a long time, the player will be able to catch the Pokemon only by the poke ball and after doing that, the player will be able to create a new team that will only be receiving orders from the player.
  • Lure modules and incense: at the beginning of the game, it is very important to build a large and strong team that can easily help the player in trading more goodies and battle further in the game. Incense and lure modules help the player to allure more Pokemon to the location where the player is and to capture them.
  • Eggs: Pokemon Go game is very big on windows XP though can also be played on Android phones and the player will surely need some lucky eggs. Regular eggs only allow the player to break more Pokemon to increase to the player’s team. This also boosts the player’s team morale.
  • Candy and stardust: this can also be classified as the supplement for the game. It makes the character stronger and more transform which is absolutely more necessary for taking over more gym in the game.
  • Razzberries: this is very useful while playing the game. At times some Pokemon can be very tricky and hard to catch but with the help of the rezzerries they can easily be a catch. Using razzerries to tame the Pokemon’s will surely help the player to easily catch the Pokemon.
  • Potions: revives and super potions –while fighting for a very long time with the Pokemon, the Pokemon tend to get tired and extremely weak and it can only be revived from such critical state only by given the potion and when the state is very serious, super potions is to be given to the Pokemon to heal the Pokemon and prepare it till the next challenge.

After knowing some of the most important terms in the pokemon Go game what next is how to play the game with ease using the above-explained terms.

  1. Switch off AR: switching off the AR is the easiest method to make up for the Pokemon count. One of the important features is how to use the android phone camera to spread images of the player’s Pokemon into the reality environments in an AR form but what is unknown to many players is that making use of the AR mode in the game makes it harder to catch the Pokemon. Turning off the AR mode and wait for some wild Pokemon appears, and then tap the AP slider to enslave any Pokemon into the poke army with an immediate effect.
  2. Do catch them all: it is another way of catching the Pokemon. While using this method, the player can easily trade the already caught Pokemon in the professor icon for some specific Pokemon candies.
  • Using lucky eggs: this is used to double all the XP gotten for thirty minutes, it should be picked up as seen and not wasted on easy tasks.
  1. Create your poke hunting movement: in order to get a certain beast in custody, to keep the sighting display and look out for the creature icon. If the icon disappears, that means you are going the wrong way, repeat the procedure until you come across the beast. never lure locally – it is inadvisable to play in your locality as if played in the same area then you continue to catch the same Pokemon all the times.
  2. Roll with a crew: if you want to improve your rank rapidly then you should play in a group and not in a single. This is most useful when in level five and above.
  3. Keep an egg on the boll: the player should be picking up eggs since traveling eggs can really be of help in the sense that they hatch and add to the player’s Pokemon by just walking. The egg can be found by just clicking the Pokemon button and scrolling right to tell the player where all the collected eggs are.